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Coin.co is a private company that facilitates payment processing for the virtual currency Bitcoin.

Through the use of proprietary software, Coin.co allows merchants to reap the benefits of the emerging digital currency market without having to deal with the actual accounting or processing of virtual currency.

Coin.co merchants accept Bitcoin, yet receive USD.

Zero Merchant Fees

Accepting Bitcoin through Coin.co offers significant cost savings over traditional payment methods. With Coin.co, there are zero transaction fees, zero monthly fees, and no hidden charges.

Accept BTC, Receive USD

Coin.co merchants are not subjected to additional accounting or compliance regulations; Coin.co converts all BTC transactions into USD on behalf of the merchant. Merchants never collect or hold BTC.

Custom Integrations

Reliable and tested proprietary software that can be custom integrated into almost any existing merchant payment system. Coin.co makes accepting BTC as easy as accepting CCs or PayPal.

Beautiful Management

Coin.co empowers merchants with a beautiful UI complete with invoicing tools & analytics

Security & Compliance

Security & Compliance are paramount, and Coin.co is committed to protecting merchants

Peace of Mind

Coin.co goes above and beyond industry standards using advanced security models to secure company servers, databases and systems.

Multi-Layer Security

Coin.co employs multi-layered security including encryption, logging, physical security, as well as keeping certain systems completely disconnected from the internet.

Regulatory Compliance

Coin.co is partnered with the industry leader in understanding regulatory compliance for digital currencies, Coin Validation, LLC.